Pitbull Dogs Facts

First of all, it is important to know that the Pitbull is a type of dog, not a breed in itself. Although the name Pitbull is the nickname of the American Pitbull Terrier.

It is certain that the bite of this type of dog is more dangerous than the bite of a Chihuahua, the rate of damage of a bite being directly related to the size of the animal.

However, statistics show that it is not dogs that have the strongest jaw, nor the highest bite rate.

Health of PitBull

Since it is a type of dog, it is difficult to assume that these animals can be predisposed or not to genetic defects. However, given their physical appearance, we can, however, give you some tips!

The Pitbull is a dog that requires very little maintenance (no daily grooming). His short hair needs only a few brushings with a rubber brush to remove dead hair.

It is a dog that can withstand long walks, but be careful not to expose your dog too long to the sun.

His short hair makes him more vulnerable to sunburn. Also be careful of the cold weather of winter. His fur coat is not provided enough to endure winter outings for a long time. You will have to buy boots and coat from your big dog during the cold season!

Education and Behavior of Pitbull

It is important to choose your dog from a breeder concerned with the well-being of the breed and who will offer a quality line. Since there are very few American Pitbull Terriers, it is recommended to take your puppy to one of the many existing shelters.

From a young age, take socialization classes so that he does not develop fears for his environment, and teach him to walk on a leash, because later he will become a powerful dog.

In addition, the games of self-control will help channel his festive temperament.

Trained with current and gentle education methods, he learns quickly. The proof, he participates in several competitions of agility, advanced obedience and he excels in canine sports such as cani-cross.


As mentioned above, the Pitbull is a dog that has a high energy level. He will be very happy to find a sports master, who will give him time to go for a walk.

He is not only a fan of walking on foot … lovers of cycling, rollerblading.

You have just found your dream partner to accompany you on your outings.

Remember to pay attention to your pads and always practice these sports on non-asphalted surfaces. Playing the ball and bringing back objects is also one of his favorite times.


Pitbull is not a type of dog that is more dangerous than another. Victim of generalization, stigmatization and false beliefs, it is up to us, owners and lovers of this breed, to show people that these dogs are full of qualities and talents.

These canines who are discriminated against are no more aggressive than other dogs, and the ban on dog breeds remains an ineffective solution. The over-media attacks of Pitbulls push the public to believe that these dogs are more dangerous, while this is not the case.

Be aware that these dogs have a high need for exercise and that their predatory instinct is easier to stimulate. Of obedience classes can be helpful for beginners in dog training.

Encourage your dog to stay calm, regardless of the situation, using a good socialization.

Dealing With An Aggressive Golden Retriever

goldenIt is rare to meet an aggressive Golden Retriever, but it can happen. The Golden Retriever is an excellent breed. They are known to be affectionate, faithful.

They are also very intelligent and very easy to educate or train. There are several causes of aggression in the Golden. In some cases, a very poor breeding can produce an aggressive Golden puppy.

Golden Retriever owners are not used to really worrying about the behavior of their dogs and tend to be naive. The problem is that a dominant and strong-looking dog is very often the reason for the aggression.

Very often, dog aggression occurs through fear. This is recognized as a defensive aggression. For example, if your Golden Retriever has been bitten and injured by a massive dog when he was a puppy, then he may react aggressively when meeting a fellow puppy friend.

Facing a defensive aggression can be a scary and dangerous moment. One of the most important things you can do when it comes to defensive aggression is to not ignore the problem.

It is important to deal with the issues as quickly as possible, as aggression in the Golden Retriever can increase over time if not properly addressed.

Aggressive behavior can begin as early as six weeks of age! Many puppies are still weaning, while they are already leaving the breeder.

That’s why it’s very important to get your Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder. You should also take the time to meet your pet’s parents to see if they have behavioral problems.

Try to ask the breeder a maximum of questions, eg: character, illness, behavior …

A good way to stop the aggressive behavior is to make sure your dog is well socialized. The critical period to set up socialization is from 6 weeks up to 14 weeks. It’s also very important to have a good home for your puppy so that it doesn’t get crate anxiety which hurts its temperament.

How to treat aggression in the golden retriever

When your dog acts inappropriately, it is important that you do not do the same thing. This implies that you should never discipline your young puppy hard, especially if he is between 8 to 10 weeks old.

When disciplining your Golden Retriever puppy, do not hit him with your hand or with an object, do not shout at him, or use other punitive methods. This can actually backfire and cause more aggression.

Remember that socializing your puppy well before they are 14 weeks old can really reduce the likelihood of building aggressive behavior.

Innate or acquired?

Although genetics can play a role in the growth of aggression. If your dog is abused or neglected, he will have a very good reason to turn into an aggressive Golden Retriever.

A dog with poor living conditions, harsh teachers and lack of social skills can develop behavioral problems.

4 basic tips to avoid having an aggressive Golden Retriever

A young Golden Retriever may be excited and undisciplined, but he can eventually become wise and obedient. If you want to educate your 4-legged companion, you need to know some basic principles that will make the process easier.

1. Take the leadership position and not the dominant position

The principle is to understand your position of leader and not master dominant who is very often hostile to his dog. So why be the leader?

For a Golden Retriever to be obeyed by its owner, it is important for you to be a leader, which means being a master who inspires trust and not aggression. On the other hand, if you communicate physically or verbally violently with your Golden, he will simply associate your relationship with the violence.

2. Walking on a leash

The leash is very beneficial in helping a dog achieve a calm state of mind. When they are calm and rested, dogs respond better and are less likely to become anxious or unruly.

The problem of walking on a leash arise when the dog is allowed to run. Remember that you are the only one to take control when you take your Golden Retriever for a walk. If your dog pulls your arm out like crazy, place him sitting next to you for a while before continuing. This way, your dog will learn that by pulling forward, it will stop.

3. Obedience

Whether you have a Golden Retriever or another breed of dog, it is essential to have an obedience class. An obedience class gives you excellent advice. It is meant for the masters and the dog, it makes the dog obedient and balanced, and it teaches the owner the basic techniques.

4. Key Tip: Consistency

In the education of any type of dog, it is important to be consistent. The Golden Retrievers are very smart, if you want your dog to be wise … you have to educate him by repetition – what you want to apply, it must be constant and habitual. Put all the family members to the consistency, and it will produce great results.

To keep your Golden Retriever aggressive, be consistent with him and reward him with treats they like every time he behaves well with you and the dogs, you’ll be amazed at how fast your Golden Retriever is changing.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, affectionate, active and powerful dog with a nice expression. The instinct to relate is still an important characteristic of the breed, however, the Golden Retriever’s will, adaptability and physical attributes make it an exceptionally versatile breed. It is used in many activities, such as gun hunting, dog-guide for blind people, therapeutic dog, obedience dog, and contests.

Golden Retriever is very good swimmers and adores water. Their fur is therefore provided with a specific undercoat that is resistant to cold, and their legs are relatively round and webbed. Their tails can also help them during swimming.

Some people think that do golden retriever shed a lot? because of its long and thick fur. But the Golden Retriever is easy to maintain.

It is necessary to brush the Golden regularly, to keep it knotless and remove dead hair. Thick, semi-long hair does not usually form large knots, but you have to pay attention behind the ears, thighs, and armpits, where it can get tangled up a bit more. Brushing should be done once a week from the head to the tip of the tail using a barbed wire card.

In areas with longer hair, raise the hair with one hand while with the other brush the deep layer from top to bottom, advancing and taking part of the hair raised.

With this simple technique, you can eliminate a lot of dead hair and you will see that the coat of your Golden Retriever looks cleaner and brighter.

These are very sociable dogs that need company; they are not happy if they remain alone in the garden for too long and can become destructive. Never allow your dog to walk freely without supervision. Basic education is very important to becoming a responsible owner.

Your Golden Retriever will learn to be a better companion by creating stronger bonds with you and will generally acquire good manners and obedience responses that will make it a social capital rather than a nuisance. Females or males, Golden Retrievers are easy to make clean.

Golden Retrievers reach their maximum size around one and a half years and their maximum weight after two years. Even if they are physically mature at two years old, they are not mentally mature for three years or even older.

Many owners of Golden Retriever claim that their dogs keep their puppy character all their lives, which pleases children. The golden is very much appreciated with their childlike and soft nature that reassures, but Golden Retrievers are also great players who love to run and do service.

Although they prefer to live in the countryside, Golden Retrievers can adapt to life in the city, as long as they have their long daily walks. However, it should not be forgotten that these are large dogs that still need space and are not really adapted to live in a small apartment without a garden.

These dogs also do not like solitude. To avoid feeling alone, a toy or other 4-legged companion can be solutions.

Most Used Types of Plywood

If you’re in the carpentry space then it’s important to know what types of plywood are the most popular and how to properly use them. As always make sure you have one of the top table saws to do the cutting for you safely.

Crushed board

Description: It is a board composed of small particles (wood grains) that are pressed with a caking glue. Depending on the glue used, you can get the board to resist moisture or even fire.

Properties: It is a board of good resistance to the load, of average weight and quite sensible to the wear.

Uses: In general it is used for support of furniture boards, in ordering shelving, packing, stuffing material of wooden elements, such as doors or building material.

MDF board

Description: MDF is the acronym for “medium density board “. There is a HDF and a LDF, of high and low densities, respectively, although they are products for specific uses. It is a board of extra fine particles (powder of vegetable fibers) produced in a similar way to the raw agglomerate. It can also be found in waterproof or fireproof version.

The hydrophobic version can tolerate higher levels of moisture than the water-repellent agglomerate, due to its smaller fibers, which absorb much more glue, thus being better sealed.

Properties: It is a heavy board, with good tolerance to the wear and high resistance to the load.

Uses: The MDF was born as a paintable alternative to the agglomerate. Is, Therefore, ideal to be painted for its smooth surface and easy to work. It is also used as a support for furniture board, although its general use is to manufacture furniture and wooden elements to be painted or enameled. This project is a good example of how to use the MDF as a false beam.
Lined board:
Lined pine board
Description: It is a board made up of boards or slats of solid wood.

Properties: It is light, decorative and resistant to the load.

Uses: The most common is its use for manufacturing furniture, kitchen countertops, tables, etc. There are also striped boards for use in construction, such as the formwork board, which is used in the realization of concrete structures. It is usually respected its finish by varnishing it naturally or with some dye.

Camping Tricks and Tips

With time and experience, campers end up finding practical little tricks and have lots of tips to give. Enjoy the tips we have for you!

In order not to be caught off guard, to avoid unexpected events or simply to make your life easier, here are several tips, tricks, and tricks that could help you.


camping tips

Preparation and storage

-Put frozen salt water in a plastic container in your cooler; The ice will last longer.

-Roll your clothes instead of bending them; They will take up less space and will be less wrinkled.

-Store rolls of toilet paper in a large can of coffee.

-Use clear storage boxes rather than bags

To keep mosquitoes away

-Plant cloves in half a grapefruit.

-Coat with a mint-based ointment for colds instead of mosquito repellent.

-Place fabric softener sheets under the tablecloth.

-Put sage in your campfire.

-Products that keep ants away

-Instant Oatmeal


-Mix of baking soda and sugar

-coffee grounds

-Lemon juice.

Keep the tent dry

-Place a tarp on the ground before mounting your tent for better insulation and, if possible, hang one

-over the tent (the tarp should not touch the tent).

-Leave all “windows” open at night, but closed during the day.

-Light a candle lantern about 30 minutes before bedtime.

-Do not put wet linen in the tent.

-Take the sleeping bags out during the day.

-Place the tent so that it is not in direct sunlight in the morning.

-Waterproof the tent outside.

Keep your belongings dry

-To accelerate the drying of wet shoes, heat sand over the fire, then pour it under and around the shoes.

-Bring a surplus of plastic garbage bags and resealable bags; They can be used to protect all your belongings, big and small!

-Wrap a piece of ice in the cooler; You will avoid condensation wetting food.

-Coat your wax shoes to waterproof them.

-Use a waterproof air mattress

Practical and Unusual Fire Lighters

-Cotton (such as those used for removing makeup) soaked in wax or petroleum jelly.

-Cork stoppers soaked in alcohol.

-Put two sleeping bags into each other for the coldest nights.

-Sleep with dry clothes that you have not worn during the day.

-Simply pleasant

-Light up your camp!

-Plant some solar garden lamps or hang some Chinese lanterns.

What are the funnest online games

Husband Trainer: A funny game that turns a messy, sloppy spouse to a trained super-spouse. Wives will wish that this was real. An entertaining online game where you get to train your husband to clean a messy room, bake a cake, put away food in the refrigerator after dinner, change the baby’s diapers and much more. This is an aim and shoot game and can be played with a mouse.

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She needs to know the entire story of what happened in the story. You can help her gather the gossip from her college friends Charlie Gray, Jack Winston, Cindy Cooper, Heather Birch, Ruth Hudson and Will Jackson.

Moving the mouse pointer and holding the left click help in gathering the juicy titbits in
legible language. The story has various versions too, but one can learn to be wary of evil willed friends at a party.

Funny Classroom: The students itching for classroom pranks will love this game. It is students versus the temp. Clicking on different objects like chair, floor, the map can trigger some events. Sometimes a map may turn upside down, or a globe may blow up in the temp’s face.

The challenge is to avoid getting caught by the temp. The temp is smart, and it is a challenge to avoid getting busted. One must avoid clicking when the temp is walking around.

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