Camping Tricks and Tips

With time and experience, campers end up finding practical little tricks and have lots of tips to give. Enjoy the tips we have for you!

In order not to be caught off guard, to avoid unexpected events or simply to make your life easier, here are several tips, tricks, and tricks that could help you.


camping tips

Preparation and storage

-Put frozen salt water in a plastic container in your cooler; The ice will last longer.

-Roll your clothes instead of bending them; They will take up less space and will be less wrinkled.

-Store rolls of toilet paper in a large can of coffee.

-Use clear storage boxes rather than bags

To keep mosquitoes away

-Plant cloves in half a grapefruit.

-Coat with a mint-based ointment for colds instead of mosquito repellent.

-Place fabric softener sheets under the tablecloth.

-Put sage in your campfire.

-Products that keep ants away

-Instant Oatmeal


-Mix of baking soda and sugar

-coffee grounds

-Lemon juice.

Keep the tent dry

-Place a tarp on the ground before mounting your tent for better insulation and, if possible, hang one

-over the tent (the tarp should not touch the tent).

-Leave all “windows” open at night, but closed during the day.

-Light a candle lantern about 30 minutes before bedtime.

-Do not put wet linen in the tent.

-Take the sleeping bags out during the day.

-Place the tent so that it is not in direct sunlight in the morning.

-Waterproof the tent outside.

Keep your belongings dry

-To accelerate the drying of wet shoes, heat sand over the fire, then pour it under and around the shoes.

-Bring a surplus of plastic garbage bags and resealable bags; They can be used to protect all your belongings, big and small!

-Wrap a piece of ice in the cooler; You will avoid condensation wetting food.

-Coat your wax shoes to waterproof them.

-Use a waterproof air mattress

Practical and Unusual Fire Lighters

-Cotton (such as those used for removing makeup) soaked in wax or petroleum jelly.

-Cork stoppers soaked in alcohol.

-Put two sleeping bags into each other for the coldest nights.

-Sleep with dry clothes that you have not worn during the day.

-Simply pleasant

-Light up your camp!

-Plant some solar garden lamps or hang some Chinese lanterns.