Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, affectionate, active and powerful dog with a nice expression. The instinct to relate is still an important characteristic of the breed, however, the Golden Retriever’s will, adaptability and physical attributes make it an exceptionally versatile breed. It is used in many activities, such as gun hunting, dog-guide for blind people, therapeutic dog, obedience dog, and contests.

Golden Retriever is very good swimmers and adores water. Their fur is therefore provided with a specific undercoat that is resistant to cold, and their legs are relatively round and webbed. Their tails can also help them during swimming.

Some people think that do golden retriever shed a lot? because of its long and thick fur. But the Golden Retriever is easy to maintain.

It is necessary to brush the Golden regularly, to keep it knotless and remove dead hair. Thick, semi-long hair does not usually form large knots, but you have to pay attention behind the ears, thighs, and armpits, where it can get tangled up a bit more. Brushing should be done once a week from the head to the tip of the tail using a barbed wire card.

In areas with longer hair, raise the hair with one hand while with the other brush the deep layer from top to bottom, advancing and taking part of the hair raised.

With this simple technique, you can eliminate a lot of dead hair and you will see that the coat of your Golden Retriever looks cleaner and brighter.

These are very sociable dogs that need company; they are not happy if they remain alone in the garden for too long and can become destructive. Never allow your dog to walk freely without supervision. Basic education is very important to becoming a responsible owner.

Your Golden Retriever will learn to be a better companion by creating stronger bonds with you and will generally acquire good manners and obedience responses that will make it a social capital rather than a nuisance. Females or males, Golden Retrievers are easy to make clean.

Golden Retrievers reach their maximum size around one and a half years and their maximum weight after two years. Even if they are physically mature at two years old, they are not mentally mature for three years or even older.

Many owners of Golden Retriever claim that their dogs keep their puppy character all their lives, which pleases children. The golden is very much appreciated with their childlike and soft nature that reassures, but Golden Retrievers are also great players who love to run and do service.

Although they prefer to live in the countryside, Golden Retrievers can adapt to life in the city, as long as they have their long daily walks. However, it should not be forgotten that these are large dogs that still need space and are not really adapted to live in a small apartment without a garden.

These dogs also do not like solitude. To avoid feeling alone, a toy or other 4-legged companion can be solutions.