Most Used Types of Plywood

If you’re in the carpentry space then it’s important to know what types of plywood are the most popular and how to properly use them. As always make sure you have one of the top table saws to do the cutting for you safely.

Crushed board

Description: It is a board composed of small particles (wood grains) that are pressed with a caking glue. Depending on the glue used, you can get the board to resist moisture or even fire.

Properties: It is a board of good resistance to the load, of average weight and quite sensible to the wear.

Uses: In general it is used for support of furniture boards, in ordering shelving, packing, stuffing material of wooden elements, such as doors or building material.

MDF board

Description: MDF is the acronym for “medium density board “. There is a HDF and a LDF, of high and low densities, respectively, although they are products for specific uses. It is a board of extra fine particles (powder of vegetable fibers) produced in a similar way to the raw agglomerate. It can also be found in waterproof or fireproof version.

The hydrophobic version can tolerate higher levels of moisture than the water-repellent agglomerate, due to its smaller fibers, which absorb much more glue, thus being better sealed.

Properties: It is a heavy board, with good tolerance to the wear and high resistance to the load.

Uses: The MDF was born as a paintable alternative to the agglomerate. Is, Therefore, ideal to be painted for its smooth surface and easy to work. It is also used as a support for furniture board, although its general use is to manufacture furniture and wooden elements to be painted or enameled. This project is a good example of how to use the MDF as a false beam.
Lined board:
Lined pine board
Description: It is a board made up of boards or slats of solid wood.

Properties: It is light, decorative and resistant to the load.

Uses: The most common is its use for manufacturing furniture, kitchen countertops, tables, etc. There are also striped boards for use in construction, such as the formwork board, which is used in the realization of concrete structures. It is usually respected its finish by varnishing it naturally or with some dye.