What are the funnest online games

Husband Trainer: A funny game that turns a messy, sloppy spouse to a trained super-spouse. Wives will wish that this was real. An entertaining online game where you get to train your husband to clean a messy room, bake a cake, put away food in the refrigerator after dinner, change the baby’s diapers and much more. This is an aim and shoot game and can be played with a mouse.

Success through the various levels transforms a sloppy spouse to a trained husband. Quite a sense of achievement for the wives!


Gossip Hunt: A good shot of gossip does a great job to perk you up. Do you think you can be the queen of gossip? This is the game for you. Lisa is the gossip hunter, who wakes up dazed after a party and cannot remember
a thing.

She needs to know the entire story of what happened in the story. You can help her gather the gossip from her college friends Charlie Gray, Jack Winston, Cindy Cooper, Heather Birch, Ruth Hudson and Will Jackson.

Moving the mouse pointer and holding the left click help in gathering the juicy titbits in
legible language. The story has various versions too, but one can learn to be wary of evil willed friends at a party.

Funny Classroom: The students itching for classroom pranks will love this game. It is students versus the temp. Clicking on different objects like chair, floor, the map can trigger some events. Sometimes a map may turn upside down, or a globe may blow up in the temp’s face.

The challenge is to avoid getting caught by the temp. The temp is smart, and it is a challenge to avoid getting busted. One must avoid clicking when the temp is walking around.

If you like gambling then check out this game.  It is an Australian pokie game which is basically the same as online slots.